FANDOM A Case Study in Digital LiteracyEdit


In an increasingly technology-driven world, mastery of digital tools is imperative for success. This blog is the final published project for Computing in English Studies, a course in rhetoric and composition as it pertains to Digital Humanities taught at the University of Illinois Springfield. As a graduate student in English, familiarizing myself with a site such as has been exceedingly useful for both my creative output and the understanding of my own writing process. 

Through the course of this semester, I have selected as my technology based on my own growth experience from using the site. It began with a Project Proposal, where I explored the technology myself and theorized about the value of using this tool for Digital Humanities scholarship. 

Next, I wrote a White Paper, which combined theories of rhetoric and composition, specifically, to this digital tool to demonstrate its qualifications as an introduction to strengthening digital literacy. The site serves as a particularly strong introduction to many of the tools and techniques that are employed in Digital Humanities research.  

Should my investigation of this tool spark you to learn more about, more information on navigating the tool may be obtained through my self-created User Guide

As a tool for personal reflection and a medium to experiment with writing, the result of my research on this site results in no single tangible digital project. Instead, in order to delve deeper into and understand the wider impact that it has on digital literacy, this blog includes a case study from ten participants who volunteered to use the site for a week and then write about their experience. For more information, check out my Participant Responses and the Research Methods I employed through my research of this semester. 

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Project Proposal
  2. White Paper
  3. User Guide
  4. Research Methods
  5. Participant Responses
  6. Works Cited Page

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